dance piece

An interactive installation/performance experiment brought to you by a previously unknown organisation.

Shown as part of Labour Lexica exhibition at Linden Projects Space, Linden New Art. 

Labour Lexica is a group exegesis on labour. Drawn together under the themes of work, precarity and language, three artists respond to their perceptions and experiences of work as expressed through bodily, lexical and material conditions. The precariat is a position inhabited by many, with artists and arts workers in the ranks. While they may be subjected to and even complicit in the logics of labour and capital, an awareness and refusal of this position still finds expression.

November 17 - December 18 2022

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ARTISTS: Maki Morita, Luce Nguyễn-Hunt, Lachlan Marley

CURATORS: Coral Guan, Ada Coxall, Sebastian Kainey